Monday, July 21, 2008

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mary Ann Hodge

Ms. Mary Ann Hodge is the federal candidate in London North Centre for the Green Party of Canada. Recently, one of my local colleagues made reference to Ms. Hodge in the comment section of an unrelated photo at my Flickr account. If you would like to see the photo and the comments from myself and deegs, click on the link below:

Here is a link to Mary Ann's website:

Which all got me to thinking about politics and what role politics should play in my world. In particular, last fall I decided to become more politically involved. I joined the Green Party of Canada, I attended a few functions and so on. I am somewhat of a "tree-hugger". I have been to see Dr. David Suzuki speak, and I agree with his message. Even before I joined the Green Party of Canada, I had already been a member of the David Suzuki Foundation and one other environmental organization.

The question was; "Well Mike, how political an animal are you?". The answer is that I am not really all that political. I would suggest that I am somewhat apolitical. To be honest, given the choice to do something political or play the guitar, I would much rather play the guitar. I wanted to be more political, I didn't want to become a "non-voter"!

The point for me though, is this: Even if I am not all that politically motivated, even if I am apolitical ... I should still care about Canadian politics. Apathy is not a prerequesite or requirement for "not being interested in politics". I think for people like myself, we need to be as politically involved to the degree that we are capable of.

I think all of us, as Canadian citizens need take our responsibilities as citizens seriously. We can find ways, however small, to be involved in Canadian politics. How? Here is one idea ... VOTE! That's right, each and every one of us as Canadian citizens should vote. There are many other positive avenue's available to us as well. We can show our support with small monthly donations. There are "little things" that we can do. We can help plant trees, we can become better recyclers. Even if we aren't able to physically do those things ourselves, we can find ways of helping those who want to help. Even just one person doing very little, can and does make a big difference as the days, and weeks, and months pass.

Those of us who abdicate our rights and responsibilities as citizens to vote, claiming that politics is "too dirty for me" and that all politicians are "crooked and are just in it for their own personal gain" are being too easy on ourselves.

That my friends brings me back to politicians like Mary Ann Hodge. There are some very good politicians in this country, regardless of their political party or philosophy. People with a proven track record of doing, giving and helping. People who care and want to make a difference. Good people, people like you and I who choose to make a positive difference. We need those good people in politics.

Casting a vote takes so little effort, but it delivers such good results. The person who votes is showing that they care about Canada and their fellow Canadians.

There are many people around the world, who are literally dying because they want to vote. Take a look at the recent murderous violence in Zimbabwe.

Gosh I'm so grateful to be Canadian. I'm so lucky that I live in a country where I and those I care about, will not be murdered or harmed because I cared, because I voted. We are so fortunate.

Please vote, do yourself and Canada a favour, please vote. There is no election yet, you have a lot of time to think. Please think about it. You can help make a huge difference!

Thank you,


Tuesday, July 01, 2008