Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hog Island On The Starboard

Hog Island on the upper right. The channel between the mainland and Hog Island.

This has been an amazing summer. The people we have met, even the fact that we met each other, has all been so enjoyable.
It comes down to the people in our lives.

I did the laundry in Perth and had a beer while doing it. The bookstore had free books left out, and I got three; poems by William Wordsworth, a book by Herb Cohen, and lastly a hard cover, two volume missive about the American Civil War: The Blue and The Grey.

Also had a chat at the laundromat with a dude named Jade, now invited to supper with John and Gillian. My wonderful lady is in the Bruce for another night, and then it's work for her for a couple of days, before she arrives early next week. The backlog at the Port of Montreal is large, and work is regular and busy.

The D200 did not survive the canoe tipping, but it is an excellent paperweight and an entertanining story-telling subject.

Life is good.