Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Learning, Enjoying, Exercising.

Well it has been a very good 112 days.

It that time I was at the cottage in Fisher's Glen. I kayak/tripped for 3 nights at Doe Lake. And in early October, I had an overniter at my son's in London.

Of course, the kayak project recently was taken to the next level by the performance of two kayak rolls ... the first one on Oct. 16 and the second on the 18th.
All the rolls on the 20th were paddle float rolls, but they are extremely important and necessary to the production of technically correct rolls.

In short, the path of having fun and learning continues.

Of course the acquisition of the dry suit has extended my paddling season until the freeze up occurs. This is also a very significant learning opportunity. Cold water activity deserves the utmost respect and consideration. None the less, my three dry suit activities have been successful water lessons for me.
I am grateful for the fun and learning.
Freya Hoffmeister is on day 42 of her kayak circumference of South America.
And not so long ago Aleksander Doba of Police, Poland, kayaked from Dakar, Africa to Florida U.S.A.
He accomplished that historical feat in 99 days. He was also 65 years old when he did it!
I am humbled by Freya and Aleksander, and I also am very much inspired by their outstanding achievements.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Kayak Dreams

I took a couple of kayaking courses this past July. I had also taken a 4 hour introductory course back in 2011. I knew then that the kayak appealed to me.

There are a number of reasons for embracing the hobby of kayaking this year. I no longer had access to a canoe. Running affected my left thigh and paddle sports are a recommended substitute for running.

So this is a link to my kayak journal called Kayak Dreams:


So this year I acquired 2 new hobbies: walking and kayaking.

I think this is a good thing ... I could have started smoking, gambling, drugs and alcohol instead. Those are not good hobbies for me.
Walking and kayaking is worth the money I spend on them.
Just sayin' ... don't mean to sound to preachy!
Hell, I used to smoke and drink and ... well we don't need to go there!

So if you want to read about a little kayaking, help your self!