Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Kayak Dreams

I took a couple of kayaking courses this past July. I had also taken a 4 hour introductory course back in 2011. I knew then that the kayak appealed to me.

There are a number of reasons for embracing the hobby of kayaking this year. I no longer had access to a canoe. Running affected my left thigh and paddle sports are a recommended substitute for running.

So this is a link to my kayak journal called Kayak Dreams:


So this year I acquired 2 new hobbies: walking and kayaking.

I think this is a good thing ... I could have started smoking, gambling, drugs and alcohol instead. Those are not good hobbies for me.
Walking and kayaking is worth the money I spend on them.
Just sayin' ... don't mean to sound to preachy!
Hell, I used to smoke and drink and ... well we don't need to go there!

So if you want to read about a little kayaking, help your self!



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