Monday, July 20, 2009


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Here I am with Dave in East Hamilton, near Gage Park. So is that "south" Hamilton or "east" Hamilton? I really don't know ... I live half way between Toronto & Detroit.

OK, it's settled. A Flickr contact, franky2step, filled me in. He grew up spending a lot of time in the H, and he let me know that noone ever says 'south' Hamilton. I guess it's the same as in the Journey song "Don't Stop Believing", where Steve Perry sings "... born and raised in south Detroit ...". Directly south of downtown Detroit is Windsor, Canada. Now there was a Southwest Detroit Hospital, not to far from Mexicantown, but that's there, not here.

Anyway, I had just come out of a Tim Horton's and saw Dave changing the fuel filter on his car. He is covered in tattoo's. I like the Canada flag on his neck. So to get to the point, I asked if I could get some shots of him and his tat's so I got 6 of 'em. Being a Canuck an all I liked the flag, eh?

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