Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dave Genn of 54-40

The lead man, Dave Genn, of 54-40. I didn't know very much of this Vancouver area musician. I didn't realise that he used to play with the Matthew Good Band, back in the 90's. Then he was playing keyboards.

Here's the link:

I Didn't know that he is married to Tamara Taggart, who is one of the on-air ladies at CTV Vancouver.
Is she still on? I'll have to check. I'm learning to watch TV shows on the laptop.

Canceled my dish, I never watch it. Too busy trying to figure out how to make the boring, everday, mundane things around the house, look great, curious, and amazing at the subject end of the D200.
Or trying to learn how to make the guitar, make amazing sounds.

That's not asking much is it ... asking for amazing?

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