Friday, March 03, 2006

Blue Spruce With Icicles

On the way home from the market this afternoon. The icicles hanging on the tips of the branches turned out to be a spontaneous bonus. This is a giant Blue Spruce up the street, it photos quite nice, don't you think?

Downtown is really busy. The Scott Tournament Of Hearts is on at the John Labatt Centre until tomorrow, so London town is full of lady curling types and their significant others. The influx of people makes the market a little busier than I'm used to, but I'm on holidays so it's not like I'm in a big rush. The lines are a little longer to pay for your stuff and there aren't any sales. There is an excitement in the air because the out of towners are her for a good time.

It's a nice lead up to my Vancouver holiday ... it's putting me in the mood! The weather is real sparkler, a beautiful day. Great for taking pictures, I've done my photo duty for now. I'll get out again later and get some more.

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