Saturday, March 18, 2006


Moonshot. Friday March 17. Happy St. Paddy's Day! The practice continues. Click on image for larger version.


San Nakji said...

Great shot! I am jealous!

Mike said...

Thanks San Nakji! The little bit of practice coupled with good advice will maybe pay-off.

G said...

Ah...the moon.

That's something I really want to try, as well. I've been reading a bit about doing it, but haven't tried anything yet.

Do you recall what your settings were for this shot? I'd be interested to know.

Mike said...

Hi G: You can see the settings here:

What that will show you is:

Shutter speed= 1/500 of a second
Aperture= F/3.7
Flash fired.
Full optical and digital zoom.

I think this is probably the best moonshot I will be able to get, unless the moon is larger in the sky. The only way I could have improved this one is to have a better telephoto.

If you click on the FlickrMike link it will take you into my Flickr account. Scroll down to this image. It is titled Moon March 17 1. Click on the image to get the larger version. Then look down the right side of the page to where it says 'Picture taken with a Kodak Z740'. Underneath that it will say 'more properties'. When you click on that it will give you all the EXIF data for that shot. It sounds confusing, but it really isn't.

There is also a 'Moonshots" group at flickr with hundreds of photos.

Are you familiar with It might be of interest to you.

P.S. Love that orange falling into the glass of water. What a great photo!

Mike said...

G: Just click on the link to flickr underneath the text.