Saturday, August 08, 2009

Rachel's Red Necklace

Rachel's Red Necklace
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Anytime I can get a shot of Rachel, is a good thing! Rachel with a red necklace is a really good thing. It is interesting to watch the confidence grow in subject's, as their time in front of the lens grows.

The other recent observation is that being a 'model' really is work! To make it less work of "necessity" and more a process of capturing the 'passion' from the subject, requires the technical tools to work properly all the time.

There is nothing more frustrating than having a very effective shoot with a model, stalled by some minor technical fault.

Practice the technical stuff with 'Manikin', and catch the passion & creativity with the live models.

This is an image from the 'Rachel's Red Necklace' shoot.

I really like this shot of Rachel ... I'm really glad she showed up with the red necklace. It is a welcome interest point.

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