Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Solitude and peace is what I feel when I head into the woods. Camping and canoeing are my "Walden". Relaxation has become an ingredient of my daily life. Small things that used to slightly perturb my attitude, no longer count or matter. I am grateful.
Today I got rid of three pieces of furniture, three tables. My apartment is small, at least it seemed small to me when I leased it May of 2010. It is less than 600 sq. ft. The landlord maintains it is 600 sq. ft., no matter. So because it is small, and doesn't have closet space, I have decided to go vertical. Those three tables, have freed up space. Space that has made room for three shelf units. This will allow me to move the armoire out of the kitchen. That armoire is in front of a large window, so it will be a real plus to get the armoire out of the window. The other bonus is that my clean clothes will now be on the same floor as the bedroom and bathroom.
In addition to removing the three tables, I was also able to clear out a few years worth of pay stubs and pre 2005 tax returns. Those papers are all ready to be burnt, once the county fire ban is removed. We could use a good rain, maybe a few of them.
My wonderful son has returned home after spending a week here, and then visiting with friends in Montreal. My sweet daughter is still pursuing her career after finishing her education.
What a good life.

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