Thursday, September 01, 2011

This is the MEC Camper 2 tent that Jacqui and I bought last March 20. Since that time we have spent 15 nights camped out in it. We will be using it this weekend to camp at the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival this weekend ... maybe! More than likely we will splurge and spent a couple of hundred dollars on a MEC Camper 4 tent. The Camper 4 offers more square footage. So now we will be the happy owners of two good quality tents.

Our weekend won't be starting until Saturday, due to work/time commitments. It is somewhat unfortunate that we will miss David Usher, followed by Roger Hodgson, but as they say in Quebec-c'est la vie! We will still get to see Roch Voisine and some other very good musicians, in addtion to all the other events that we may enjoy.

Today is a full day. I need to purchase wood for the shelf building project, and the paint has arrived for both canoes. Also on the list is a minimal grocery shopping trip.

Okay back to the tent. Last night would have been my second night camped out on the 1.1 acre lakeside backyard. However, a slightly boisterous pair of marauding racoons, turned the neighbours dog into a noisy doggy. Of course then the neighbour came out to speak sharply to 'Scamp', before taking him inside. So after being roused from my short sleep, I was somewhat awake. After lying quietly for nearly an hour, I retreated to the cabin to get some sleep.

It's a beautiful morning here in Rideau Ferry. There are 120 entries into the last big fishing derby of this summer, so the hamlet is buzzing. The area motels are full, some will have to stay in Kingston or Ottawa, or further afield.

We are off to Gatineau, Quebec for camping, music, fireworks and hot air balloons.
Have a great weekend!

With kindness and respect,


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