Thursday, September 22, 2011

Enjoying Life

Here is your humble, slightly unclothed scribe, enjoying the fruits of his, and hers, relaxation.
This afternoon going out in the canoe, with Jacqui, and doing some fishing, is actually a reward to myself.
What did I do that I feel it necessary to reward myself? Well I don't mean to brag, and I'm not ... but; because I did a somewhat significant de-clutterisation recently, my life has become a lot more enjoyable.
How has it become more enjoyable?
Firstly, my/our small cabin on the lake looks nicer.
Secondly, not only is cleaning easier-it is actually possible.
Thirdly, and this is the big one-this is the big payoff ...I now have more time for other things.
Canoeing and fishing for example. Now there is time for posting to this blog also.

Another plus was the fish we caught: a nice chubby bass, and three good bluegills. They were a delicious addition to our meal of steak, and squash with apple and cinnamon.
It is nice that the proof was on the dinner plate, so to speak.
This life of Mike's is becoming very convenient to maintain.

My place is small, but it has a lot more space available for living and enjoyment, now that all that stuff is gone. Stuff that I wasn't using. If I really "needed" those things, I would have used them sometime in the last few years. What is really unbelievable though, is that I hauled this crap over 350 miles, over 550 kms, when I moved here.

Jacqui and I also had time to work on both canoes, sanding and painting. We spent the last few evenings duelling it out by playing backgammon and crib. We both won ... we both lost.
We take photographs, as well, so we spend some of our time with those images. It was a bit rainy, on and off , for the last few days, so we chose to delay our camping trip until the week after next.

Now that I have time to do the things I like, I am thinking about what should or shouldn't be on the passions/bucket list.

Back to the fish story. We soaked the fish in brine for over an hour and a half , and we were pleased to discover that there weren't any worms.

Only 51 months to to go until my earliest retirement date of  December 31, 2015.

Feel free to comment, discuss, or ask. Thank you for your interest.


Anonymous said...

what a great , fun life we live jebb....thank you!!!!!

Mike said...

You're welcome.