Thursday, September 08, 2011

What a great week. I got rid of three tables, the armoire is emptied and ready to go. A stack of clothes and some other stuff is ready to be donated. What a breath of fresh air. I haven't watched TV for weeks, I don't miss the commercials from the corporate sponsers one bit.

Well it wasn't all heaven on earth. The walk that myself, and my best friend took today was a little short. It was invigorating and relaxing too. Off to work tomorrow again. The week off was really refreshing. The Gatineau Balloon Festival was a joy. Our new tent was a joy.

I really enjoy getting rid of this stuff. Why would anyone need more than three pairs of jeans anyway? If I used them for work, then nine of them would be reasonable. They were just junk taking up space. If they are needed that would be reasonable, but they aren't needed. Maybe somebody else will have a need for them.

Good night, sleep tight.

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