Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Cleaning

The process slowly continues, one day at a time. This photo of the shirt, underwear and socks, represents today's progress.

Today I got rid of:

2 pairs of track pants
21 pairs of socks
18 T-shirts
9 pairs of underwear

All freshly laundered in AAA condition.

Out the door and off to the Sally Ann they went. At the very least, these items will be torn up, or sold to jobbers to tear up and sell off as rags. Or they will be recycled for manufacturing. Nearly all of the items are made of cotton.

Imagine how many natural resources will be saved, because maufacturer's are able to use the cheaper recycled cotton. Plus all the water and chemicals, and other natural resources, energy for example, that are used in the production of raw cotton will not have to be disposed of, which causes further environmental damage.
I never used to think of things like that, but I do now.

I am an 'accidental' minimalist. I got started out of necessity ... living in a smaller place compared to my previous, palatial home. So I clued in a little and realised most of the 'stuff'' I was maintaining, was costing me time, money & space.

At one time, I had over 40 pairs of underwear! They have weird reality shows about people who collect things in that manner. Even weirder, apparantly, even weirder people watch those TV shows!

I don't watch television. The best things I ever did was stop gambling, smoking and watching television. I believe those things will kill you.

Anyway, the fall clean up continues and I am really looking forward to a winter full of camping, dancing, game playing and cooking with, my best friend, Jacqui.
There will be some other stuff too; going for walks, reading, taking photos, and just sitting and staring into space and wondering 'what if'', and then finding the answers to that question.
Jacqui and I always find an answer, but even if we don't, that would be okay too. We solve most of the worlds problems, snuggled up on the couch, looking into each other's eyes and sipping hot chocolate or wine.

And if that isn't proof of a good happy life ... then consider this:

Today is the 40th anniversary of Greenpeace. I think that is great news!

I wonder: How many people has Greenpeace saved in the last 40 years?
Does anybody know?

Is it 1,000?
Is it 10,000?
Or 100,000 or a million?

I think the 2 best stories in the news this past week, were about Greenpeace and that 3 year old boy that was returned home, in Sparwood, B.C.

But enough about what I think.
When you put your head on the pillow at night ... what do you think about?
Is it something that  is helpful and happy?

We's likes happy stuff ... doesn't we, Jacqui-Mae?

As a friend said recently,
"Be the change".

PS: The above photo also can be seen at flickr here:


Anonymous said...

i love your outlook on life mike....almost as much as i love you!!!!

Mike said...

Oh Jacqui-Mae;

I be lovin' you Babe!