Friday, April 19, 2013

Freedom Friday Night!

Sometimes I choose to work more than I know I should. These past three days I worked a lot because:

1) I wanted to get my miles (150 miles short).
2) I wanted to be home tonight because I wanted to write this bitchin' post about bitching about working too much.
Really I just wanted to have a Friday night at home.

So the plan is working except there is no need to bitch Baby!

Just for the record, life is not a bitch, it is a gift. A wonderful journey through the universe of time and space.

A supper of salad, wine, water and raisin toast with butter.

I would like to get my miles for next month, and maybe get a few days off. Camping has been on my mind a lot these last few days. It's time to drag out the gear and test it all before I get a mile or two into the bush.

I'm digging my singleness and enjoying the freedom of both having time to myself and also finding new avenues to socialise.

I'm finding that to be a "single" or a "lone" is actually broadening my mind. It is freeing to socialise as a single I find. When I was half of a couple, we used to spend a lot of time doing things as a couple. Of course my wacky "non-schedule" or non-existent schedule was responsible for that to a large degree. However it is quite enjoyable to be with a group of people and work the group alone.

Life is busy but enjoyable.

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