Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Well it's November 20.

Life is happening day by day. And it truly is a wonderful life.

I was supposed to be married this past September but we clearly did not pass the test of time. 

That's okay. Actually it's better than just "okay".
Now that my life is what it is, it is great.
I've adjusted well into living my life alone. I started the kayaking program which has enhanced my outdoor life immensely. It's a great fit with the camping.

I can retire in twenty five months if like. Being single is something I am very familiar with. Approaching retirement as a single will be a plus. I can plan with all the flexibility I need.

My house in London is a consideration. I think of it as a component of pension financials. It is also a good place to land if health becomes an issue.

As I peer into my retirement future I see a used motor home of about $10,000.00. Also a small used sailboat costing $5,000.00. Of course I have two kayaks already.
These toys could be easily stored if I am out of the country for 8 to 10 months at a time.

I intend to continue my kayak qualifications on an annual basis.
By 2016 I hope to be qualified to teach kayak instruction at the novice level.
My goal is to work part time teaching kayaking.

So I will build relationships in the kayak hobby.
Life is good. Moving on is always good.

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