Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 Walk

This mornings walk truly was an enjoyable experience.
My son called and we both had time to chat.
And he talked! It was enjoyable. The weather was good November weather ... -12C, wind out of the south west 15 km/hr., gusts to 28 km/hr.

Through Stewart Park to the bank of the Tay River and back.
One set of 10 push-ups.

Distance 5.948 km.
Steps 6,733.
Time 1:22.
Calories 440.7.

On the way home I met a couple, Paul and Marilyn, from Carleton Place, Ontario.
We chatted about otters, golf, Marilyn's beautiful 3/4 length Arctic Goose down coat-which was an appealing gentle red colour. Paul had been a commercial diver for a number of years so we talked about kayaking also.

My winter running shoes are excellent!

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