Tuesday, February 17, 2015

And Then There Were Some

Time has been flying by, tearing along at fast pace!

January was an exciting time even more so than usual due to the fact that I had three weeks vacation and Adam visited for just over a week. We went to a Habs-Sabres game and had a fun time following that up with a visit to Grumpys. It was open mic night for comedy and a bunch of laughs were had by all. Sara Quinn performed and it was a hoot getting to finally see her live.
The day after the game Adam and I headed up to Quebec City to walk around the old town and to see the ice sculptures. Quebec City is worth a visit any time of the year. We had a good visit there.
Then it was a late night drive back to Montreal. Friday we rested at home in Perth. The Saturday night we went to Kanata to see the Sens tangle with the Blue Jackets for another out of towner win!
Then we had a few days of watching the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones.
What a great time with my son!

Earlier in the month I hiked and snowshoed at Frontenac Provincial Park for 5 days in an 8 day period. On the 24th I did a 10 km hike, (with 12 kg pack), along West Arkon Trail to the Bufflehead Trail and back. During the return portion on Big Salmon Lake Rd. I spotted what I surmised was a huge porcupine climbed upon a tree trunk. My glasses were fogged up but that didn't stop me from seeing once I got closer that the huge porcupine was none other than a black bear. Alls well that ends well because bears are extremely fast. They gallop at 35 miles per hour! As my presence here today proves, the bear stayed in the tree. And I am grateful.

I also attended a Winter Camping Clinic and a fun Snowshoe Clinic at the beginning and end of the week there.

I got back to work in February for one trip that was followed by a 2 day strike. I was hoping for 2 weeks, but I'll be grateful ... no matter how much of a character test that is!

The snow finally fell in February. We have plenty now.

I'm going to stop there. All in all it has been an exciting start to the year with lots going on a so very different what I had initially planned. Gotta love the spontaneity.

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