Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Walking Tall

Jebb here. (I am Jebb, Jebb I am.). As a matter of fact I walked through Jebbs Creek on todays walk to Port Elmsley Road and back. It was beautiful. For my last two walks I travelled the Glen Tay block. The Glenn Tay block is the 16.5 km journey that starts and ends in Perth, Ontario. It consists of walking, Christie Lake Road to Glen Tay Road and then the Scotch Line back to Perth. The geography is very forgiving, mostly flat.

Rideau Ferry Road provides the opportunity for a more intense walk. It is a rolling road with a number of knolls and a hill as well.
Both routes display the stunning natural geography that is so prevalent in this area.

Today's 3 hour and 11 minute walk burned 1,860 calories. It was 25,656 steps, 20.53 kms which is about 12.75 miles.

I have lost 20 pounds. My nutrition has improved a lot.
The best thing is that walking has turned me into a good sleeper. What a huge difference that is making in my daily life.

So it is a triple benefit: weight loss, good nutrition and healthier sleeping habits. Another plus is maintaining good posture. I also like the fact that walking is lower impact than jogging. That is something to consider as I approach my fifty-eighth birthday.

Chao for now.

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