Saturday, July 06, 2013

Running, Walking

So the running progress continues.

Only being able to achieve a distance of 4.1 km last night was noticeably humbling. Today's run of 5 km without a walk break certainly has encouraged my confidence. The mental persuasion I went through this morning to get myself to believe that it was not only possible, but actually a given, was a great process to go through. The thinking is the key. The reflexive persuasion makes it happen.

So I am very much hoping that I am not at work on the 20th of this month so that I can run in the 5k Over The Rainbow Run here in my adopted hometown of Perth.

I had planned that I would only run for 15 minutes at a time these next two weeks. Now with the impending race in two weeks, I would like to do the 30 minute 5k at least 3 times a week between now and then.
The other days of the week when I stick to the 15 minute run, I will try to add to the distance within the 15 minute time allowance. Currently I run a distance of 1.5 miles within the 15 minute window. Any increase will be appreciated by me. I am focusing on doing the best I can in a healthy fashion.

I still think of the Ottawa Half Marathon next end of May. I will train towards that goal still. I hope to compete in it.

It appears at this time I will have to run 5k tomorrow also.
I now have three pairs of running shoes: the Asics Kayano 19's which are starting to wear out. The Nimbus 11's and today's purchase of the GT 2170. Apparently the 2170's are the best selling running shoe in North America. The coach was kind enough to shave 10 bucks off the price so I paid just under $170.00. The support in that shoe is very significant. I should be able to wait until October before I need to purchase shoes again. The Kayano 20 comes out then.

This evening I celebrated my 197 pound body weight by going out and having a burger, fries and a large beer.
I was home just before ten, so I should be able to get out and run by 1 in the morning.

Running ... chasing the dream.

Good luck with your passions. Good luck to Sara who is training to run in a half marathon this September and started running just this past April.

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