Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Goodbye Country Walking

So now I am walking in town due to the luxury of a level, even surface. The difference is very noticeable. No ankle pain or discomfort whatsoever.

The second reason is that now when I walk, I also run for ten minutes during that walk time. Thirdly, I can now do night walks/runs in town with the  advantage of lit streets. Night walking/runs were not possible up until now.

Run one was a time of 10:22. Distance was 1.6 km or 5,249 feet. Steps 1,180. Calories 148. Average speed 9.3 km/h.

Run two was a time of 11:20. Distance-1.8 km or 1.19 miles.
Steps 1,346. Calories 166.3. Average speed-10.0 km/h.

The plan is to maintain runs of 10 minutes duration for this week and next. Every two weeks I will increase the run time by 5 minutes. That means the last week of August will be the first week of running for 30 minutes at a time. That means I should be able to run 9.7 miles in 72.75 minutes. With a race time of 90 minutes that leaves a remainder of 17.25 minutes for walk breaks if necessary.

The Glen Tay Block Race on August 29 is 9.7 miles. They want runners that are capable of running that distance in 90 minutes or less. So do I register or not? It may already be full. Some races fill up months in advance.

I may look for a race with a less ambitious distance, like 5 km.

With the 5 minute increase in running time every 14 days, that means by the beginning of January, I should be running for 100 minutes every time I run. If I never increase the speed between now and then,  I should be running 12 miles per 100 minutes.

That makes a 13.1 mile half marathon race at the end of May extremely possible, barring any injury/health issues.

The goal is set.

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