Sunday, May 26, 2013

It Was A Good Week!

But seriously ... life is always good. Life is a lot of fun too isn't it? Yes there are situations, stuff. Still it is good to get through the days and know that it is okay. And it is okay and better than that. I'm starting to take life a lot less seriously. Oh sure, I procrastinate sometimes. In the end it gets dealt with. It gets resolved. That is what makes life so interesting. Dealing with the issues in our lives the best way we are able to, and seeing, when all is said and done that we either handled it correctly or bounced the ball until we got it right.

The walking passion is starting to deliver results. A 15 pound reduction in weight. Feeling very good physically and mentally. I am enjoying the walks immensely. I get out of town and walk away from the main roads enjoying osprey and great blue herons and horses, cows and goats. Wind in the trees and sky and water.

It does take a time commitment of 2 hours per walk but the health and happiness are worth it. Just over 47 miles/75 km this week.
Tomorrow is a new day, a new week.
Of course half the week is urban walking in Scarborough. Busy, busy, busy!

The exercise is one half of the program and the diet is the other half. That is working very well. I am starting to understand how the exercise and diet are inseparable. The weight loss is only a benefit when the basis is a healthy intake of nutrition. The two go hand in hand. They both need to be present. And they are working together to achieve the weight loss goal.

Life is good.


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