Friday, May 17, 2013

Walking Jebb

Another walk to Jebbs Creek and back. Today's walk was an intensive average speed of 7.3 kms./hr. for just over an hour. The remaining 20 minutes of the walk was 6.5 kms/hr avg spd. The weather was beautiful so the conditions were perfect.
So far this week I have walked 36.4 kms an burned 2,715 cals.

Good thing I treated myself to a medium Farmers Pizza from my local oven. This is the first time this month that I have eaten out of the home. $20.00 including tip.

Back to walking. I am down to 208 lbs in weight. So far I have lost 12 lbs and I am shedding the weight at a rate of 2lbs a week. I drink a lot of water. I also drink white grape juice and whey protein every second day. I eat a good amount of cottage cheese, plain yogurt and instant couscous. I love couscous along with marinated artichokes, fresh cremini mushrooms and steamed brussel sprouts.
I also eat asparagus once a week and broccoli too. I am still drinking organic milk and eating oatmeal. Real oatmeal, not the flavored instant junk.

Fast food except for pizza once a month at most is gone from my diet as well as bread. I eat a lot of salads and fruit.

The payoff is obvious. In spite of my wacky work non-schedule, my sleeping has improved and of course, exercise is always good for my brain.

Here I am at Jebbs Creek. This was one of the first places I fell in love with when I first arrived here just over three years ago. I have adopted the name as an alter persona and even had it imprinted on my work jacket.
Forgive the big, toothy, head shot. The walk to Jebbs Creek and back is about 11 kms. It is pretty out there. Farmers fields between here and there and then closer to there the little hamlet with it's houses. Ian Millar the Olympic horse jumping gold medal winner has his farm nearby.
My longer walks continue south of here to Elmgrove Rd. That is an 18 km long trek. It takes over 2 1/2 hours there and back. It burns well over a thousand calories.
Here is  shot of you know who at the longer location.
In closing, life is good. Summer is coming. I'm gonna get some new running shoes to walk in. Asics Kayano 19's. Now that I'm doing this kind of mileage the quality shoes are a better buy than the cheap runners.

Enjoy your life. Life is good.

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