Monday, May 20, 2013

Just Walking

Yet another beautiful day for a walk.

Here are the stats:

Kilometers-24.67. Steps-25,127. Calories burned-1,993 Time 4:14 (4 hours 14 minutes).

Avg spd ranged between 6.1 and 7.3.

For over the first hour and a half the average speed was 7.1 or more. So it was a pretty intense start.

I walked from my place in Perth to the middle of the bridge in beautiful downtown Rideau Ferry, population 400.

I took a bottle of water with me and grabbed some toonies and loonies to buy a bottle of water in Rideau Ferry for the 12.5 km walk home. Unfortunately I forgot to put the change in my pocket. It was not an ideal situation. I need to hydrate every 3 kms.
Nonetheless,  I soldiered on. About 7 kms north from Rideau Ferry I stopped to empty the few pesky bits of gravel in my shoes and to retie them. I stopped off to the side of the road and found a big rock in the shade to sit on. To my surprise, in the shaded grass was a  still sealed bottle of Coors Light. I love Coors Light. I looked at it for a few seconds and the words of Bryan Stevenson's grandma ran through my mind. "Always do the right thing even when the right thing is the hard thing.". God bless that wise woman who was born into slavery.
Anyway I left the beer.

Up the road I went another 3 kms, through Jebbs Creek, (Jebb I am, I am Jebb). I had been nursing this urge to urinate for a few kilometer's. So I decided once past the homes and out by the fields I would relieve myself. I found a suitable spot away from the road with the knowledge that cars on the road would not be able to see me.
I pulled down my zipper and thought I better scan the area one more time before I went any further an lo and behold, there was an OPP cruiser sitting back of the trees on the other side of the highway waiting for speeders. He was watching me. I did up my zipper and trudged onto the road again thinking what an interesting walk this was turning out to be.

I resolutely strode north avoiding looking at the cop as I went. No worries, he never spoke or approached. I found a spot up at Wildlife Road and continued onward to Perth.

I saw a number of osprey's. They are busy with their spring young right now. Just north of Rideau Ferry there is a colony of 5-6 nests with the mom's sitting on eggs or defending newborns.

All in all a wonderful walking adventure.
Once I got home I commenced hydrating generously.

For supper I used steam. Steamed potatoes, brussel sprouts and mushrooms, garlic and of course the steamed salmon. Cooking by steaming is my preferred method.

For desert, one last time at Dairy Queen. From now on it will be no, no, no!

To bed early tonight. Paperwork in the morning. New running shoes on Thursday ... I have earned them!

Good night all ... enjoy our lives!

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